Leaders and engagement

About a month ago, I noticed on Twitter that fellow blogger, Todd Nielsen, was inviting guest bloggers from around the world for an International Leadership Blogathon that he was running in March.  Each day, he would post an article from a different blogger on his own blog site.  I duly contacted him and asked if he would be interested in a theme I was pondering and was delighted when he said yes.

I had read an article in my local paper that seemed to link employee salary expectations with retention and engagement.  The article made little sense to me, so I had to re-read it.  It seemed simple enough, but there was something missing for me.  It had me considering how we need to take a bigger picture of recruitment and engagement at work, and to stop focusing purely on monetary reward.  The article I wrote was published as part of Todd’s Leadership Blogathon and is called “Leaders Hold the Power to Engage”.

As always I welcome contributions and invite you build on what I write with your own experiences and comments.




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