Ethical behaviour, understanding complexity and acting in a responsible manner are not discretionary, they are imperatives in the 21st century.

Leading in Context

Global Guidance Beyond the Law

Laws serve as the minimum standards for society, but responsible leadership requires that we go well beyond those minimum standards.

This post explores resources that help us understand (1) what it means to be a globally responsible leader and (2) what kinds of learning opportunities help leaders develop a global sense of responsibility.

Who is the Globally Responsible Leader?

Leaders build responsible cultures and companies through strong ethical values and their own daily responsible actions and choices.

As leaders, we will help shape the future of the businesses and societies we serve through our small actions and big decisions.

What if we’re not a leader in a global business? What if we’re part of a small, local company? In our complex connected society, we all need to be thinking about ethical issues beyond our customers, our employees, our communities and our profits.

What is globally responsible leadership…

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