Welcome to Work Club!

It infects you…it’s in the water…it’s in the air conditioning. Just because you can’t see it, though, doesn’t mean it’s not there.



It is your first day at work.

You are wearing your interview suit, slightly nervous. You sign lots of forms, then eventually are shown to your new desk. Lying on top of your computer’s keyboard is a single sheet of paper, with these words written across the top in marker pen.

“Welcome to Work Club! These are the rules.”

Under that, is this…

rules Copy (1)

You’ve worked in a lot of places, and you recognise the things written here, but you are a bit surprised at someone leaving something so cynical for the new kid. It’s a nasty joke you think, slide the paper into your drawer and get on with your job.

A few weeks later you mention to someone the paper with the rules, they blink at you confused. You describe it, and the things written on it. They turn away with a look of disgust and leave quickly.


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