What I learnt from Charlie

Be here now.  Be.  Here.  Now.  That’s really all there is.
A good teacher doesn’t actually have to do much.  A good student will be paying enough attention to learn the next thing they are ready for.
Be patient with others.  They’ll get it eventually.
Charlie & Veronica
Charlie with Veronica, who was 5 months old at the time. 2010.
Let others know clearly and simply if you don’t want to be touched.
Let others know clearly and simply if you do.
Immerse yourself fully in what you’re doing and when you’ve had enough, put it aside.
You are not alone.  There is always at least one good soul right by your side.  Just look.
Charlie & me
A good soul, always by my side
Do.  Lots.  Then rest.
Rest.  Lots.  Then do some more.
There is nothing of real interest on telly.  Music is a good thing though.  Listen to music all the time, dance, sing along loudly & laugh.  And the songs you make up and make you laugh are probably the best ones.
Sleep.  With gusto.
There is nothing wrong and EVERYTHING right about bring intensely curious.
Keep sniffing about the same places again and again.  There is bound to be something you haven’t spotted before.
When you’ve had enough of something, just walk away and find something else.
Listen to others.  Consider it.  Weigh it up.  Then do what you know is right.
Wait.  It’ll come.
Do it when YOU feel ready enough. (The enough bit is important).  Don’t let others coerce you to do it before you feel ready enough; if it’s important enough, they’ll wait.
Loosen up.
Shake it off.
Stand your ground.
Live in THIS moment.
Life is mostly just about happiness and freedom.
Charlie having fun
The best gifts are the simple ones that come from the heart and let the other know you’ve thought of them, not yourself.
The pure always act from love.
Trust.  Keep trusting.  But sometimes you need to open your eyes and see that some people don’t know how to be trustworthy.  It’s not necessarily their fault; just don’t wait too long to put some distance between you and them.
Live your truth with equanimity.  Others may not like it but they will get over it in time. And when they do, they will remember you well.
Love has no strings.
Charlie & me
There comes a time to let go. Of everything.

Forgive my indulgence in this post.  Charlie was one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.  I watched intensely how he lived.  He was my shadow for 15 beautiful years.  He died at home in my arms on March 30, 2018.  I miss him terribly.  

12 thoughts on “What I learnt from Charlie

  1. I understand, deeply. I lost my most trusted & best friend Keyser (siberian husky) Oct 2015. She, as Charlie did for you, provided so much joy. The connection we had during her 12-years of life was amazing. I miss her so much!

  2. Wonderful words thank you. I have also lost beautiful dog companions. I believe they still walk with me as yours does.

  3. Oh John, I’m so sorry for you – it’s never easy… We’ve lost a few and you never really forget them… Sometimes, when I pause, for some reason I remember Cleo (Rottweiler/Shepherd cross) who passed away about 15 years ago and still my eyes get a bit moist as she was the most loyal dog _ever_. Then there was Ralph (our Golden Retriever) who was a permanent class clown – we still swap stories and end up laughing 🙂

    Even though I never got around to meeting Charlie, we’ll raise a glass to him over the other side of the world ❤

    1. Thank you for saying, Paul. He was indeed, a perfect friend. Part of the contract with these perfect friends, sadly, is that they have much less time with us than we would like. Warmly, John

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