I’m a Sociatrist and the chief steward of Quantum Shift Global Ltd.

Because people, teams and organisations are complex things, the way we work with you is divergent and non-prescriptive.  It usually starts with a conversation.  More conversations unfold from that.  Then more things unfold.

They could be a series of workshops.  They could be some one-to-one coaching.  They could be some facilitated conversations between a few people to iron out some difficulties or establish more clarity between them.  They could be more interesting conversations to which we bring an outside eye, helping to make what is covert, overt.  More often than not, what unfolds is a blend of most of these things.  In a complex world, there is no point in pre-judging precisely what we will do together beyond working collaboratively to find what will help your work work better for you.

Whatever happens after that first conversation, Quantum Shift brings a deep understanding and application of Sociometry and Role Theory so that individual capability and purposeful working relationships grow and develop.


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