Courage in the first instance

A wise teacher once suggested that it requires the same amount of courage to do something difficult, whether you do it instantly or leave it until later.  “Courage in the first instance, not the tenth.”. In a working world that is increasingly relational, where what we do depends on dealing with others, negotiating with others,… Continue reading Courage in the first instance

What we need to learn

Bring to mind one of your best working moments.  One of those times when you felt on top of the world, when you were just ‘flowing’ or when you felt the warm glow of success.  It could have been when that new client signed up with you…..when you finally worked through a long-standing conflict with… Continue reading What we need to learn

A “working out loud” credo

I love the “working out loud” approach.  It’s highly social, which now, after years of personal work, runs through me like a stick of rock.  In that (ongoing) personal journey, I have learnt not only the benefits and indescribable joys (and sometimes, the excruciating pain) of joining the rest of the human race, but also… Continue reading A “working out loud” credo

Would you learn to ski from a power-point?

There is plenty written about staff retention which tells us that financial incentives alone do not prevent people leaving.  High up there on the list of retention factors is purposeful professional development which not only adds to people’s skills sets, both hard AND soft, but also assists people to feel that their work is meaningful… Continue reading Would you learn to ski from a power-point?

>Just try and make me change!

>I’ve been party to many conversations about behaviour and attitude change in the workplace.  This is because I’m in a line of work which not only advocates for it, but sets out to catalyse it.  There are a couple very important questions that deserve some consideration, however, and they are: Is behaviour change necessarily a… Continue reading >Just try and make me change!