>You’ve either got it or you haven’t….Oh, really???

>When I think of leadership, I think of things like ability to empathise, ability to achieve win-win in conflict situations, ability to motivate and inspire, ability to delegate (which implies ability to ‘let go’ and trust others), ability to think and act strategically, being self-aware….. In my previous life as a therapist, I had extensive… Continue reading >You’ve either got it or you haven’t….Oh, really???

>Why networking doesn’t work

>Of course networking works….sometimes WE don’t though.  Networking groups and events abound.  With the growth of networking, there is a corresponding growth in written material that tells us ‘what to do’.  There are books, brochures, pamphlets and blogs which lay out the best tips and strategies.  There are workshops with interesting, entertaining and useful powerpoint… Continue reading >Why networking doesn’t work

Do you have those difficult conversations?

Continuing the theme of my previous blog, isn’t the optimal way the one where ‘people friendly’ and ‘performance oriented’ are not mutually exclusive?  One of the biggest challenges of contemporary working life is having those ‘difficult conversations’ with others.  We all know how essential it is to be able to do this.  ‘Systems thinking’ tells… Continue reading Do you have those difficult conversations?

>Courage in the first instance, not the tenth!

> I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating.  In workplaces large and small, there is a silent plague.  People are immobilised like possums in the headlights.  What’s the cause of all this workplace stuckness?  The line manager needs to tell her direct report that he needs to start coming in to work on… Continue reading >Courage in the first instance, not the tenth!

Is yours a ‘best place to work’? No…really??

Are your organisational values lived ….or simply laminated?  A well-known Kiwi brand prominently displays its values on a huge sign just behind the service counter.  When one of those values is something like ‘great customer service’, what am I supposed to make of the organisation when the person behind the counter is chatting on their… Continue reading Is yours a ‘best place to work’? No…really??

>Do your emotions need re-wiring?

>The Centre for Creative Leadership are renowned experts in the research around leaders and how they get ‘derailed’.  According to their research, a key factor behind executive derailment is deficit in the area of emotional intelligence.  This presents a unique challenge because quite a lot of what we bring to the workplace in the way of… Continue reading >Do your emotions need re-wiring?