What I learnt from Charlie

Be here now.  Be.  Here.  Now.  That’s really all there is. A good teacher doesn’t actually have to do much.  A good student will be paying enough attention to learn the next thing they are ready for. Be patient with others.  They’ll get it eventually. Let others know clearly and simply if you don’t want… Continue reading What I learnt from Charlie

How to let your creativity flow

Do any of these give you a tingle in your gut? You walk into an art shop and see the colourful rows of paint tubes begging to be squeezed onto a palette, the soft, alluring brushes displayed from large to small, and canvases of all sizes screaming to be painted upon.  You want to handle… Continue reading How to let your creativity flow

How can I free up my creative genius?

Most of us have had moments in our working lives when we don’t live up to our own expectations. *Think of the manager who is unnecessarily harsh in a performance appraisal when she intended to be encouraging and motivating.  *Think of how we prematurely reject new ideas from others when we intend to be inclusive… Continue reading How can I free up my creative genius?