If it’s broken, don’t fix it

“Moreno declared that instead of looking at mankind as a fallen being, everyone is a potential genius and like the Supreme Being, co-responsible for all of mankind.  It is the genius we should emphasize, not the failings.”  So spake Zerka Moreno, Jakob’s widow and co-developer of Morenian action methods. All too often in our world and… Continue reading If it’s broken, don’t fix it

What exactly does strengths-based MEAN?

Reflecting on a Guts of Leadership programme we have just completed, I have been going through a range of thoughts and feelings.  Immediately after was a sense of a job well done and satisfaction derived from participants’ comments that they had made some really significant shifts in themselves.  It is always good to know that… Continue reading What exactly does strengths-based MEAN?

How can I free up my creative genius?

Most of us have had moments in our working lives when we don’t live up to our own expectations. *Think of the manager who is unnecessarily harsh in a performance appraisal when she intended to be encouraging and motivating.  *Think of how we prematurely reject new ideas from others when we intend to be inclusive… Continue reading How can I free up my creative genius?