The Power of We

Interesting what can spark an idea and create insight.  Staring at the full moon the other night, I found myself marvelling, yet again, that we’ve been there.    That led me to consider the languaging: “We’ve been to the moon.”  We?  We’ve been there?  In fact, from Armstrong to Cernan, only 12 white American men have… Continue reading The Power of We

Leaders and engagement

About a month ago, I noticed on Twitter that fellow blogger, Todd Nielsen, was inviting guest bloggers from around the world for an International Leadership Blogathon that he was running in March.  Each day, he would post an article from a different blogger on his own blog site.  I duly contacted him and asked if… Continue reading Leaders and engagement

Leaders: get out of the way

“Empower” is a word that is coming into greater usage by many who manage people.  I like to think this is a sign of how much the modern manager is acknowledging the importance of authority and accountability being more diffuse in the workplace and that old-style hierarchies have outlived their effectiveness.  I have noticed sometimes,… Continue reading Leaders: get out of the way

Thinking bigger about engagement

Thinking outside the square is required when our tried and tested ways of explaining the world no longer fit our experience.  For example, performance management systems keep people on track with achieving their KPI’s, but they have limited use in generating genuine engagement at work.  Year after year, surveys show that employees are becoming less… Continue reading Thinking bigger about engagement